Monday, 25 September 2017

The summer of boys and horse (part-5)

    I kicked into the muscles of the horse. Once again it reared and snorted. Then it began to run. I didn't know what to do. Instead of running across the field to the vineyard of Dikran Halabian where it began to leap over vines. The horse leaped over seven vines before I fell. Then it continued running.

My cousin Mourad came running down the road.

I'm not worried about you, he shouted. We've got to get that horse. You go this way and I'll go this way.  If you come upon him, be kindly. I'll be near. 

I continued down the road and my cousin, Mourad went across the field toward the irrigation ditch.

It took him half an hour to find the horse and bring him back.

All right, he said, jump on. The whole world is awake now. 

What will we do? I said. 

Well, he said, we'll either take him back or hide him until tomorrow morning.

He didn't sound worried and I knew he'd hide him and not take him back. Not for a while, at any rate. 

Where will we hide him? I said. 

I know a place, he said.

How long ago did you steal this horse? I said. 

It suddenly dawned on me that he had been taking these early morning rides for some time and had come for me this morning only because he knew how much I longed to ride. 

Who said anything about stealing a horse? He said.

Anyhow, I said, how long ago did you begin riding every morning? 

No until this morning, he said. 

Are you telling the truth, I said. 

Of course not, he said, but if we are found out,  that's what you're to say. I don't want both of us to be liars. All you know is that we started riding this morning. 

All right, I said. 

He walked the horse quietly to the barn of a deserted vineyard which at one time had been the pride of a farmer named Fetvajian. There were some oats and dry alfalfa in the barn 

We began walking home. 

To be continued......... 

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