Monday, 9 October 2017

Amazing event in India (part-11)

There was authority in my voice as I spoke to Shastri. He took out two sheets of paper, some cowries and a book of Palmyra leaves, saying, "Ours is an ancient science, ayya. There's a story to it... But I won't tell you that story now. This is not a harikatha which allows you to tell a story within a story... You may get bored. I'll tell it to you some other time."

Shastri moved his lips fast as he counted on his fingers and then asked, "What's your star?" Ranga didn't know. "never mind," Shastri indicated with a shake of his head. He did some more calculations before saying in a serious tone, "it's about a girl."

I had been controlling my laughter all this while. But now I burst out laughing. I turned to Ranga. "Exactly what I had said."

Who is the girl? It was your humble servant who asked the question.

Shastri thought for a while before replying, "She probably has the name of something found in the ocean."

"could it be pachchi, moss?"

"Must it be moss if it's not Kamala? Why not pearl or Ratna, the precious stones?"

"Ratna? The girl in Rama Rao's house is Ratna. Tell me, is there any chance of our negotiations bearing fruit?"

"Definitely," he said, after thinking for some time.

There was surprise on Ranga's face. And some happiness. I noticed it.

"But that girl is married..." I said. Then I turned to him. His face had fallen.

"I don't know all that. There may be some other girl who is suitable. I only told you what our shastra indicated." Shastri said.

To be continued...... 

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