Monday, 9 October 2017

Amazing event in India (Part-12)

We left the place. On the way, we passed by Rama Rao's house. Ratna was standing at the door. I went in alone and came out a minute later.

"Surprising. This girl isn't married, it seems. Someone told me the other day that she was. What Shastri told us has turned out to be true after all! But Rangappa, I can't believe that you have been thinking of her. Swear on the name of Madhavacharya and tell me, is it true what Shastri said?"

I do not know whether anyone else would have been direct. Ranga admitted, "There's greater truth in that shastra than we imagine. What he said is absolutely true."

Shastri was at the well when I went there that evening. I said, "So Shastrigale, you repeated everything I had taught you without giving rise to any suspicion. What a marvellous shastra yours is!" He didn't like it at all.

"What are you saying? What you said to me was what I could have found out myself from the shastra. Don't forget. I developed on the hints you had given me."

Tell me, is this what a decent man says?

Rangappa had come the other day to invite me for dinner. "what's the occasion?" I asked.

"it's Shayama's birthday. He is three."

"It's not a nice name- Shayama," I said. "I'm like a dark piece of oil-cake. Why did you have to give that golden child of yours such a name? What a childish couple you are, Ratna and you! I know, I know, it is the English custom of naming the child after someone you like... Your wife is eight months pregnant now. Who's there to help your mother to cook?"

"My sister has come with her."

I went there for dinner. Shayama rushed to me when I walked in and put his arms round my legs. I kissed him on his cheek and placed a ring on his tiny little finger.

Allow me to take leave of you, reader. I m always here, ready to serve you.

You were not bored, I hope?

Happy ending 👆

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