Monday, 9 October 2017

Amazing event in India (part-9)

Like the he goat, I said, "What does it matter to either of us who she is? I'm already married and you are not marrying kind."

Very hopefully he asked, "she isn't married, then?" his voice didn't betray his excitement but I knew it was there.

"she was married a year ago."

His face shrivelled like a roasted brinjal. After a while, Ranga left, saying, "I must go, I have work at home."

I went to our Shastri the next morning and told him, "Keep everything ready to read the stars. I'll come later." I tutored him in all that I wanted him to say.

I found no change in Ranga when I met him that afternoon. "what's the matter? You seem to be lost in thought. I said.

"Nothing, nothing's wrong, believe me."

"headache? Come, Let's go and see a doctor."

"I have no headache. I'm my usual self."

"I went through the same thing when the process of choosing a girl for me was going on. But I don't think that that could be a reason for your present condition."

Ranga stared at me.

To be continued.......... 

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