Thursday, 12 October 2017

Childhood of Albert Einstein (part-4)

"I've never seen you looking less nervous," remarked Yuri.

"A day or two at school will soon put that right." Albert assured him.

Certainly he had lost his high spirits when Yuri saw him next.

"I can't stand it any longer," he said, "I really shall have a nervous breakdown that will satisfy any doctor."

"Keep it up, then," said Yuri. "I've found a doctor for you."

"You have?" Albert's face lit up. "Oh good. When can I see him?"

"I have an appointment for you for tomorrow evening." Yuri said. "Here's the address."

He handed Albert a piece of paper.

"Doctor Ernst well - is he a specialist in nervous troubles?" asked Albert.

"No exactly," Yuri admitted. "As a matter of fact he only qualified as a doctor last week. You may even be his first patient!"

"You knew him as a student, then?"

"I've known Ernst for years." Yuri hesitated for a few moments. "He's not a fool," he warned Albert.

"What do you mean?"

"Don't try to pull the wool over his eyes, that's all. Be frank with him, but don't pretend you've got what you haven't. Not that you'd deceive anyone." Yuri added. "You're the world's worst liar."

Albert spent the next day wondering what to tell the doctor. When the time arrived for his appointment he had worried over it so much that he really was quite nervous.

"I don't try," said the young doctor with a friendly smile. "Yuri has already given me a history of the case."

"Oh! What did he say?"

"Only that you want me to think you have had a nervous breakdown, and say that you mustn't go back to that school."

"Oh dear." Albert's face fell. "He shouldn't have told you that."

"Why not? Isn't it true, then?"

"Yes, that's the trouble. Now you'll say there's nothing wrong with me, and you'll tell me to go back to school."

"Don't be too sure of that," said the doctor. "As a matter of fact I am pretty sure you are in a nervous state about that school."

"But I haven't told you anything about it," said Albert, wide-eyed. "How can you know that?"

To be continued........ 

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