Friday, 13 October 2017

Childhood of Albert Einstein (part-6)

"It's only the truth. But alright. I'll put it more seriously "

It was still a glowing reference, and Mr Koch made the point that Albert was ready immediately to enter a college or institute for the study of higher mathematics.

"I'm sorry you're leaving us, although you're wasting your time in my class," he said.

"it's almost one class where I'm not wasting my time," said Albert. "But how did you know I'm leaving, sir?"

"You wouldn't have asked me for this reference otherwise.".
"I thought you'd wonder... "

"There's nothing to wonder about, Einstein. I knew you were going to leave before you knew yourself."

Albert was puzzled. What did the teacher mean?

He soon found out. Before he had a chance to ask for an interview with the head teacher, he was summoned to the head's room.

"Well, it saves me the trouble of having to wait an hour or two outside," he thought.

He hardly bothered to wonder why he had been sent for, but vaguely supposed he was to be punished again for bad work and laziness. Well, he had finished with punishments.

"I'm not going to punish you," the head teacher said, to Albert's surprise. "Your work is terrible, and I'm not prepared to have you here any longer, Einstein. I want you to leave the school now."

"Leave school now?" repeated Albert, dazed.

"That's is what I said."

"You mean," said Albert, "that I am to be expelled?"

"You can take it that way if you wish, Einstein." the head teacher was not mincing words. "The simplest thing will be for you to go of your own accord, and then the question won't arise."

"But," said Albert, "what crime have I committed?"

To be continued ......

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