Friday, 13 October 2017

Childhood of Albert Einstein (part-7)

"Your presence in the classroom makes it impossible for teacher to teach and for the other pupils to learn. You refuse to learn, you are in constant rebellion, and no serious work can be done while you are there."

Albert felt the medical certificate almost burning a hole in his pocket.

"I was going to leave, anyway," he said.

"There we are in agreement at least, Einstein," the head said.

For a moment Albert was tempted to tell the man what he thought of him and of his school. Then he stopped himself. Without another words, holding his head high, he stalked out.

"Shut the door after you!" shouted the head.

Albert ignored him.

He walked straight on, out of the school where he had spent five miserable years, without turning his head to give it a last look. He could not think of anyone he wanted to say goodbye to.

Indeed, Yuri was almost the only person in Munich he felt like seeing before he left the town he had come to hate almost as much as the school. Elsa was back in Berlin, and he had no other real friends.

"Goodbye - and good luck," said Yuri when he left. "You are going to a wonderful country, I think. I hope you will be happier there."

Happy ending 👆

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