Thursday, 5 October 2017

Amazing event in India (part-1)

About the story- Ranga, the accountant's son, is one of the rare breed among the village folk who has been to the city to pursue his studies. When he returns to his village from the city of Bangalore, the crowds mill around his house to see whether he has changed or not. His ideas about marriage are now quite different -or are they?

   When you see this title, some of you may ask. "Ranga's marriage? " why not "Ranganatha Vivaha" or "Ranganatha vijaya?" Well, yes. I know I could have used some other mouth-feeling one like "Jagannatha vijaya" or Girija kalyana." But then, this is not about Jagannatha's victory or girija's wedding. It's about our own Ranga's marriage and hence no fancy title. Hosahalli is our village. You must have heard of it. No? What a pity! But it is not your fault. There is no mention of it in any geography book. Those sahibs in England, writing in English, probably do not know that such a place exists, and so make no mention of it. Our own people too forget about it. You know how it is - they are like a flock of sheep. One sheep walks into a pit, the rest blindly follow it. When both, the sahibs in England and our own geographers, have not referred to it, you can  not expect the poor cartographer to remember to put it on the map, can you? And so there is not even the shadow of our village on any map.

      Sorry, I started somewhere and then went off in another direction. If the state of Mysore is to Bharatavarsha what the sweet karigadabu is to a festive meal, then Hosahalli is to Mysore state what the feeling is to the karigadabu. What I have said is absolutely true, believe me. I will not object to your questioning it but I will stick to my opinion. I am not the only one who speaks glowingly of Hosahalli. We have a doctor in our place. His name is gundabhatta. He agrees with me. He has been to quit a few places. No, not England. If anyone asks him whether he has been there, he says, "No, annetta, I have left that to you. Running around like a flea-pestered dog, is not for me. I have seen a few places in my time, though ." As a matter of fact, he has seen many.

To be continued......

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