Friday, 6 October 2017

Amazing event in India (part-3)

    What I am going to tell you is something that happened ten years ago. We did not have many people who knew English, then. Our village accountant was the first one who had enough courage to send his son to Bangalore to study. It is different now. There are many who know English. During the holidays, you come across them on every street, talking in England. Those days,we did not speak in English, not did we bring in England words while talking in Kannada. What has happened is disgraceful, believe me. The other day, I was in Rama Rao's house when they bought a bundle of firewood. Rama Rao's son came out to pay for it. He asked the woman, "How much should I give you?" "Four piece," she said. The boy told her he did not have any "change", and asked her to come the next morning. The poor woman did not understand the England word "change" and went away muttering to herself. I too did not know. Later, when I went to Ranga's house and asked him, I understand what it meant.

This priceless commodity the English language, was not so widespread in our village a decade ago. That was why Ranga's homecoming was a great event. People, rushed to his doorstep announcing, "The accountant's has come," "The boy who had gone to Bangalore for his studies is here, it seems," and "come Ranga is here. Let's go and have a look."

To be continued........ 

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