Friday, 6 October 2017

Amazing event in India (part-5)

 I must draw your attention to this aspect of Ranga's character. He knew when it would be to his advantage to talk to someone and rightly assessed people's worth. As for his namaskara to me, he did not do it like any present-day boy - with his head up towards the sun, standing stiff like a pole without joints jerking his body as if it was either a wand or a walking stick. Nor did he merely fold his hands. He bent low to touch my feet. "May you get married soon," I said, blessing him. After exchanging a few pleasantries. I left.

That afternoon, when I was resting, Ranga came to my house with a couple of oranges in his hand. A generous, considerate fellow. It would be a fine thing to have him marry, settle down and be of service to society, I thought. 

For a while we talked about this and that. Then I came to the pint. "Rangappa, when do you plan to get married?"

"I am not going to get married now," he said. 

To be continued......... 

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